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  • is a dating website dedicated to Afro Caribbean, Métis and all peaople that love them around the world without discrimination.

  • Although under the theme of Africa, Caribbean, Caribbean people, and mixing of the tropics, is open to people of all backgrounds and all colors in the image of chocolate that inspired the name of the website.

  • If you like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and all chocolates, this is the site for you.

  • We target several million members worldwide. A lot of members are resident in France as it is where the website was founded.

  • is the first dating website for diversity in France.

  • Original, bright, clear, fun and intuitive interface

  • Many exclusivities! : while browsing the website, you will discover many exclusivities being put in place and more to come. Our goal is to satisfy you at all times. Chocomeet research and implements what's better for its members

  • The site is aimed at all age groups and all sexual orientations

  • This is the dating site for those who are here, those who are elsewhere and those who are both here and elsewhere

  • is your site. It is you who build it with your suggestions, comments, your support, solidarity and contribution.

  • An original and pleasing design : certainly has the best dating website design

  • Chocomeet freely advertise cultural and sporting events.

  • Chocogirls , Chocoboys this site is for you !

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