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(Frequently Asked Questions)

This section is filled regularly as questions are asked .

Ask your question using the contact form by clicking on Contact Us .

Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers:


       1.How to add a member to your blacklist?

To stop being contacted by a member, you should add him/her to your blacklist:
1 - Go to the profile page of the member
2 - Click the "Block this member" link located below the main picture
3 - Check that this member is in your blacklist by clicking My contacts - My blacklist.


       2.  How to allow someone to view your private pictures?

 To allow someone to view your private pictures:
1- Go the to profile page of the member
2- On the left, click the "Allow him/her to view my private pictures" below the main picture.


3.      Why are there a yellow flag on some profiles?

Members who do not comply with our Terms receive a first warning , then a second warning. At the third violation of our rules, we delete the account.
Warnings are shown on the profile page of a member with a yellow card .
Depending on the severity of the violation of our Terms observed on, we can immediately remove the offender's account without going through warnings.


4.      How to unsubscribe?

To unsubscribe, go to My Account - Identifcation and click the Unsubscribe link in the bottom.

By unsubscribing, you will lost all your datas.

If you encounter difficulties, us the Contact form.

If you just want to put your account on standby (disable it) and therefore keep your username, you can use the "disable my account" on the My Account page. You can reactivate your account by logging in.

5.      Why my pictures are removed?

It's because your picture doesn't comply with our criteas.

Main picture must be pictures of you, where you can easily be recognized.

Please submit a picture of you if you want it to be valdiated.


6.      How can I become a fan of Chocomeet on Facebook?

To show that you like and have your picture appearing on the Chocomeet's Facebook Fan Page, you need to:

1- Use the Facebook Like button available on your welcome page.
2- Or you can directly go to our Facebook page :


            7.      Why can't I browse a deleted member's profile page? is taking the comfort and safety of our members very seriously, so we always delete all fake profiles, fanciful patterns and proven "scam" profiles.

For your safety and comfort we fight against this scourge Ivorian international scam also called Nigerian scam .

We encourage you to report any person who invites you in his first message to join another IM or give you a contact email, it is usually an approach to scam you.

Do not send money or your identity papers to any member.


            8.   How can I add a picture?

To add a picture:

1- Click on "My Profile" or " Complete your profile" . You will arrive on your detailed profile page with tabs profile: - "My Identity ",  " My Pictures " ...

2- Click on "My pictures" and "My main pictures"

3- To add a picture, click on Browse and select the desired picture on your computer.

4-  Once the popup window will close, you'll see the path of your picture next to the Browse button.

5- Add a description (ie: My picture) is you want

6- Click on "Send". Your picture won't be visible by other members until validation by our team.

You can also add private picture using the same steps.


          9. How to allow a member to see my private pictures?

Go to the profile page of the member and click th "Allow to see my private pictures" link below the picture of the member.


         10. How can I add or dit a picture?

-Go to "My profile"
-Then go to "My pictures"
Below the picture, you'll see two buttons : edit and delete.
In main pictures, you can also chose the picture that will be displayed first in all Chcoomeet pages by using the "Define as my main picture" button


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